Same God. 

Life has a funny way of revealing itself. Right now I’m sitting in an ICU watching my Mom. She is laying on a hospital bed, on a ventilator with several other contraptions surrounding her. One of my Aunts friends just came to visit her. I hadn’t met her before but as we Continue Reading →

Take a seat!

Are you paying attention??? Step back from it, have a seat and just observe for a while…. In the world of constant chatter, quick responses, busyness, and the #hustleflow of life we seldom take the advantage of simply “sitting”. I’ll venture to say it’s rare nowadays for families to sit altogether at Continue Reading →

Puzzle PEACE!

Hey Yall!….I’ve been getting my life lately and I feel mighty good about it! I’ve been on this fitness kick for a while (lost over 40 pounds) and now I’ve decided that I wanted muscles. LOL….What I didn’t realize is the focus and dedication it takes to get them. I literally have Continue Reading →